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Scoot picks MatchByte for new app.

The Singapore Airlines-owned subsidiary carrier will work with MatchByte to develop and design a new passenger mobile application, to be made available in around six months. The new app will use MatchByte’s White Knight 2.0 technology. 

The app will offer greater functionality and speed, enabling the airline to quickly update and amend content and flows of native applications as well as skip traditional app store releases for minor updates.


Tigerair Taiwan will be implementing a range of Matchbyte products including its Joom Air website content management system, passenger notification and communication function and it’s flagship e-commerce platform White Knight, which enables airlines to make and modify their booking engine on the fly.

Low-cost airline Tigerair Taiwan has partnered with global travel software solutions provider Matchbyte to provide its customers with a state of the art e-commerce platform on top of Navitaire’s Passenger Service System, making it easier and quicker to book airline flights across web and all mobile devices and applications.

Its CEO, Dzulkiflee Taib says: “We are delighted to begin our long term partnership with Tigerair Taiwan. We look forward to providing the airline with White Knight 2.0, our high tech booking system which will constantly evolve with our partnership over the next decade”.


Low cost carrier Jambojet has launched a gift voucher portal which offers customers the opportunity to buy flight e-vouchers for friends, family and colleagues. Available in USD and KES currencies, the vouchers, which are valid for up to six months, offer six value options ranging from $5 to around $500; ideal for either frequent fliers or one-off special occasions.

The portal was designed and implemented by global travel software consultants, Matchbyte. Jambojet and Matchbyte have worked together since the airline’s launch in April, 2014. Earlier this year, Matchbyte redesigned Jambojet’s website and implemented a Price Lock feature, enabling passengers to hold air fares for a 12 month period.

“The e-voucher facility is a custom module which was built on the Joom|Air Content Management System”, explains Matchbyte’s chief executive officer, Dzulkiflee Taib.


Across the board, every industry has been shifting gears to align its velocity with that of technology by capitalizing on the flourishing eCommerce boom. Despite its digitization efforts, the aerospace domain has been lagging behind the rest of the world by at least a decade’s worth of modern-day progress.

Dzulkiflee Taib, CEO and founder, Matchbyte, says that the reason behind the sluggish pace can be attributed to the fact that most airlines are legacy carriers. While the relatively smaller Low-Cost Carriers (LCCs) are adopting technology much swifter than legacy carriers. Having laid its cornerstone on the grounds of helping LCCs to adapt to technology at the “speed of light” and later evolving to serve the slower legacy market, Matchbyte has carved a niche for itself in airline eCommerce. “We equip airlines with the right tools—such as booking engines— and the surrounding infrastructure to take their business proposition faster to market,” evinces Taib.


Matchbyte is very pleased to announce that we are now a QPX Authorised Reseller.

QPX™ from ITA Software by Google is one of the industry’s fastest and most sophisticated airfare pricing and shopping systems. Many leading airlines and travel companies rely on QPX for its advanced capabilities and scalable performance.

Matchbyte's airline and travel agent website solutions integrate seamlessly into reservation and airfare shopping systems. WhiteKnight is Matchbyte’s comprehensive cloud based eCommerce platform that is highly customisable, intelligent and scalable.

To hear more from CEO Dzulkiflee Taib and Terje Tjostolvsen Head of Terje Tjostolvsen, Head of Business Development, Google Travel. Click here.


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